The company mission is to give the standard, desirable service that will win the customers loyalty and trust.

Our mission is towards the reconstruction and development of our black and other communities, promoting economic growth and uplifting South Africans to a better life.


M.C.S. specialises in the software installation, affordable and stable Internet connectivity, installation and supporting hardware sales (computers, tablets, laptop, cash registers, printers, IBurst, Neotel, Easyweb and Xperien products) and services.  Also network configuration and maintenance.  Training is provided both on and off site to customers by our IT consultants.



We have analysed your present market situation and believe that the following objectives can be achieved:

  • Sustaining the service to the current client base
  • Adding new clients to the client base
  • Maintaining a favourable image
  • Offer the latest technology coupled with quality service


M.C.S. will observe, study the customer's requirements and with our experience recommend the best technology suitable, will group teams according to the business needs and also by the employees key skills and experience to meet the customer’s needs.


In the cause of this project, we will deliver the following:

Technical support in general - desktop support.
Software installation - drivers and software.
Network setup – router configuration and internet connection sharing via switches (wireless and hotspots)

Benefits of Our Proposed Plan

When comparing availability and capabilities to that of our competitors, the b enefits of choosing

M.C.S. are:

  • Improvement in Business Model
  • Monthly Cost Saving
  • Short Time to Completion & Turnaround Time.
  • Service Reliability
  • Weekend Support If Required